When moving high-value and over-sized items it is essential to use a pro…The MovePros!

Did you know there are over 7,700 moving companies in the United States?

Does the one you plan to call carry the correct coverage and insurance to protect your high value items?

The MovePros Does!

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Professional Piano Movers

Even if you only need your piano moved a short distance across town or from one room to the next, The MovePros are expert piano movers. We have the proper tools, carts and knowledge to gently relocate your piano from where it is to where you want it to be.

Planning a long distance move? We work with a network of local providers to ensure your piano is in-tune and ready to be played shortly after delivery. If the piano stores use us, why shouldn’t you?

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High Value or Other Large Item?

Maybe you don’t have a piano, but you do have very valuable furniture…perhaps it’s even antique. Or maybe you need your 3D, THX Certified Surround Sound big screen TV and theater seating moved more than a few inches. When you have high value or larger belongings to move, you want The MovePros!
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