Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of clients do you work with?

If you need to make a move, we work with you! Whether you are a student moving into a dorm or apartment, a family of four moving into your dream home, a couple relocating to the Villages, a business moving offices, or anywhere in between, we are here for you. We do both personal and commercial, local and longer in state moves. Apartment, home, office, we can get your belongings to where they need to be.

How long will my move take?

The speed and timing depends on the weight of your load and distance of your move. We are experts in both local and long-distance moving so we can make it as quick and hassle-free as possible, and we won’t drag it out. Once we determine your schedule at your convenience, we 100% guarantee our delivery date and timeWe also have priority and next-day delivery.

Can I trust The MovePros?
The MovePros are pros! You can count on The MovePros for care and quality every step of the way. We are licensed and insured, which means you hold no responsibility if anything happens to one of our team members or any of your items. We are partners with the Ocala-Marion County CEP. Plus, all of our movers are trained staff – no day labor. We treat your belongings better than we treat our own. Why wouldn’t you trust us?
Do you move on short notice?

Absolutely! We know sometimes things don’t go as planned and we’re here to accommodate you, even on short notice. So give us a call anytime!

Can you pack for me?

If you don’t have time or just don’t feel like packing, our movers  can take care of the packing and unpacking for you! You don’t even need to go out and get boxes, padding, tape or other supplies – we have everything you’ll need for low prices that we can bring to you. We will pack, load, unload and unpack so you don’t have to lift a finger. We’re careful and organized so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

I don't know what boxes or padding I should use to pack. Can you help?

Yes! We know exactly what you need. We even have it! The MovePros sells the boxes, padding, tape and other supplies you need to pack at low prices. And if you don’t want to worry about it at all, our professional packing team can do all the packing for you.

What is local moving?

Local moving is when you are moving within the same area or city; more or less around 100 miles. You might be moving into a new home, apartment or office, or just need someone to move a few pieces of furniture or other belongings to a new storage unit or other location. Either way, The MovePros will get the job done.

What is long-distance moving?

Long-distance moving is relocating to a new town, city or state. Distance doesn’t phase us, though. We’ll be with you every mile.

What kind of equipment do you use. Will I need to provide anything?

Our team will provide all the moving dollies, wrenches and other tools you might need to get your furniture and other belongings in the truck. Our trucks are safe and fully functional for any type of move. It is important to be precise when telling us about your move so we can provide all the proper tools for you specifically. We will discuss this with you during the booking  process.

Is there a fee if I make changes?

We’re committed to making your movement convenient for you. We ask for 24-hours notice of any changes, but we understand that situations come up. Just keep us in the loop and we’ll make adjustments to make your move low stress.

Will my furniture and bedding stay clean when they're transported?

Cleanliness is important to us. Our trucks, our equipment and ourselves are kept clean and neat. We will go above and beyond to maintain these standards during your move and keep your belongings squeaky clean.

Do I need an estimate?

Anytime and anywhere you move it is helpful to get an estimate for your move. Local, long-distance, home or office, getting an estimate helps you understand the pricing and services we can provide. Plus, it’s free! So why wouldn’t you?

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